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Majid Faranous                        

Iranian Magician - Majid Faranous

Hi, my name is Majid Faranous, an Iranian professional magician. I first became involved in magic at the age 15. I'm now performing at wedding parties and at grand hotels. I mainly perform sleight of hand with cards and coins and really love dove magic. I also do close-up magic and some illusions too. I was lucky enough to be selected as the number one magician at the first Iranian magical festival in 1998.

I will establish my magic website in the near future.
I love magic and all magic lovers too.
Best wishes.

Performs: Close Up and Stage
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Abbas Armin                                    

Iranian Magician - Abbas Armin

I first became interested in magic at the age of 14 through active participation in professional shows, studying the history and careers of pioneers in magic so that became self-motivated to stick it for all my life. The philosophy behind my job selection has always been the smiles of audience at different ages in general and the joy of the kids in particular.

I should thank all my high school mates and helpful instructors who played the most important role in my success through their encourage and support from the beginning of my magic performance.

شد و پس از آشنایی بــه این هــنر در سن چهارده سالگی شروع به اجرای برنامه در محافل نمـود. بعلت علاقه ای کـه به این هنر داشت نزد استادان این حرفـه آموزش دیـد و بـرای ایـنکه بتواند از دانش جدید ایـن هــنر بهره بیشتری ببرد به خارج از کشور مسافـرت کرد. او همچنین در کشورهـای مختلف بـه اجـرای بـرنامه پرداخته است.

وی در شبکه های مختلف تلویزیونی برنامه های بسیاری اجرا نموده که این برنامه ها تا کنون نیز کم و بیش ادامه دارد.

Performs: Cabaret, Stage and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Mahyar Mohammadzadeh              

Iranian Magician

I offer a deep experience of magic and wonder, where you can touch and feel the true meaning of amazement.
Performs: Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Tehran, Iran
Where does he perform?:


Behrooz Karimi                                         

Iranian Magician -  Behrooz Karimi

My Name is Behnam Karimi (Pristo). Iím a 30 years old Magician.
Close Up, Stage, Comedy, Street , Children's Magic and Illusion .
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Street, Mentalism hypnosis and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Tehran, Iran
Where does he perform?:


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Performs: Close Up, Cabaret and Stage
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